Bobcat Model - E45 5 Tonne Digger

Specifications Bobcat E45

Bobcat E45 Specifications 

The maximum digging depth and working weight of the Bobcat E45 excavator, respectively, are 3.3 metres and 4850 kg. Additionally, it lacks a tail swing. As a result, when excavating close to neighbouring objects, you have greater freedom and a lower risk of harming the mini excavator or the nearby property.

More floor space and operator comfort, as well as better controllability of the boom swing function, are two advantages of the fingertip controlled boom offset.


Technical Specifications

  • Come with heater

  • Travels at 2 Speeds

  • Switch to ignition

  • Hammer and auger pipework

  • hydraulics with 2 stages, this means the Auger will go both forward & reverse.

  • mechanical fastening system

  • Bang, float

  • twin flashing beacons

  • LED illumination for jobs

  • 3 buckets are included.

  • Aux. hydraulics installed on the boom with quick couplings

  • Cabin radio system

  • Total idth: 1960mm

  • Size: 2541mm tall

  • 4850kg Operational Weight

  • 25.4kPa for ground pressure with rubber tracks

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