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Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire is the top supplier of micro digger rental services in Amersham and the nearby areas. Our mini excavator can satisfy your needs for simple jobs even with a small entrance. One of our micro-diggers is available for rental to residential and commercial clients at a very affordable and practical price.

The micro digger is an incredibly important tool because it is portable and easy to use in small locations. Our compact diggers are perfect for customers in Amersham who have limited access and are suitable for individuals with accessibility problems at their site because they can fit through holes as small as 700 millimetres.

Discounts on Long-Term Digger Micro Rentals in Amersham

If you rent one of our diggers for a week or more, you get significant savings off the daily rate. In the business, Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire is renowned for providing some of the most competitive quotes for high-end micro digger rentals.

Amersham Delivery Window of One Hour; if Not, Free For The Day

If you rent one of our micro diggers for a week or more, you get significant savings off the daily rate. In the business, Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire is renowned for providing some of the most competitive quotes for high-end micro digger rentals.

Modern Micro Diggers With Support For Amersham Customers

Our excavators all come with a guarantee that is renewed every time it expires. When an issue does arise, our engineers make every attempt to rectify it or arrange a replacement within one working day.

Why Customers Choose Our Budget-Friendly Micro Excavators For Hire In Amersham

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In Amersham, our micro diggers are put to a variety of uses. Use one of our excavators if you need to dig a hole deep enough for a driveway, patio, equestrian rings, or to expose the gas and electrical mains. Because of the durability and dependability of our tools, you may relax knowing that your chores will be accomplished promptly. Almost every duty you can offer our tiny diggers is a good fit for them. We provide small diggers from producers including Bobcat, Caterpillar, JCB, and Kubota.

Amersham affordable micro digger hire
Amersham prompt micro diggr hire

When Timing Is Crucial, Use Us For Micro Excavators In Amersham

In order to complete the project you need completed in Amersham, we are devoted to making sure you receive your micro digger on time. Due to our prior expertise in the construction sector, we are sufficiently aware of the importance of being at the job site by the scheduled time. We guarantee that our micro-diggers will arrive within 60 minutes of the scheduled delivery time, or we'll offer you a free rental day. This is due to the fact that we are aware of how crucial it is for your equipment to arrive on time and at the appropriate location in order for your project to be completed on schedule.

Discount For Long-Term Rental Of Amersham Micro Diggers

Please get in touch with our sales department if you routinely rent long-term micro diggers for customers in Amersham. Our team really attempts to find you an affordable price.

Amersham long term micro digger rental

Types Of Diggers We Provide Throughout Amersham

There are numerous different types of diggers available for Shuvs Digger Hire Buckinghamshire customers to choose from. Among the various types of diggers we provide are skid steers and mini diggers.


When it appears that hand labour is the only alternative, micro diggers are excellent for entering tight spaces where arduous work needs to be done. You can manoeuvre through smaller, more constricted spaces. The best flexibility for slewing and putting spoils is offered by Zero Tail Swing, which offers the greatest protection against any potential site concerns.

brands of micro digger hire in Amersham

Who Makes The Micro Diggers That We Rent Out To Clients In And Around Amersham?

We can proudly state that we are a supplier of all the major, well-known brands of diggers, including Bobcat, Kubuto, JCB, and Caterpillar, because we only work with the finest. The Amersham fleets whole collection of diggers was created in 2021 or after.

Amersham micro digger breakdown service

What Happens If Your Micro Digger Breaks Down On The Job In Amersham?

Defects in micro diggers are possible, but they are relatively rare. This doesn't happen very frequently because our tiny diggers are well-maintained. We would try our best to exchange your mini digger in this situation within one business day. We have backup manufacturer services available that would travel to the area to either fix or replace if the repair could not be done there and then. We continue to provide the same level of service even if some of our excavators' warranties have already expired.

Popular Micro Digger Rentals In Amersham

Bobcat E10 0.8 Tonne Micro Digger

Bobcat E10 0.8 Tonne Micro Digger

Ground upkeep, demolition, and landscaping are just a few of the jobs the E10 0.8T excavator can handle. The driver is as comfortable as possible while driving thanks to the decreased noise and vibration levels.

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Amersham is a market town and civil parish within the unitary authority of Buckinghamshire, England, in the Chiltern Hills, 27 miles northwest of central London, 15 miles from Aylesbury and 9 miles from High Wycombe. Amersham is part of the London commuter belt.

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